The deadline for Impact Dance Competition is 30 days prior to the competition date.  Final payment and entries must also be received at this time.   Entries received after the 30 date deadline will be assessed a $2.00 per person late fee.  You are not considered registered until all entries are paid in full.


Acro: A routine using acrobatics and tumbling moves along with the rhythm of the music. Must contain 50% acrobatics or tumbling skills.
Ballet: A routine using ballet technique, using classical movements.
Character: A routine of which the dancer(s) clearly portray a character.
Drill Team/Kickline: A routine using Cheer inspired movements with or without Poms.
Clogging: A routine using basic clogging technique.
Contemporary: A routine that uses interpretive movements with contemporary technique.
Hip Hop: A routine combining trendy styles or street-inspired moves of today's dance technique.
Jazz: A routine that uses primarily Jazz technique.
Pom/Cheer: A routine using a variety of kicks or Dance Team inspired movements.
Lyrical: A routine that displays balance, extension, and control using lyrical and ballet technique.
Musical Theater: Any style of routine with music from either a movie or Broadway musical, past or present.
Open: Any style of dance.
Pointe: A routine using Pointe tetechnique and classical movements.
Improv: A routine using creative and spontaneous movement for Solo, Duo an Trio. Added new for 2018.  
Tap: A routine using tap technique.


Recreational: 1-3 hours of dance training per week

Intermediate: 3-7 hours of dance training per week

Elite: 8 or more hours of dance training per week


Students will compete in the following age divisions: 4 & under, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-19, 20 and over. For Duos/Trios/Groups, the average age determines the age division. Add the ages of all the dancers and divide by the number of dancers. Drop the decimal point when averaging the ages, i.p. an average age of 12.5 would compete in the 11-12 division. Dancers must compete in the division their age averages to.

Overall High Score age divisions

Petites: Ages 8 & under

Juniors: Ages 9-12

Teens: Ages 13-14

Seniors: Ages 15 & over


Solo: 1 dancer

Duo/Trio: 2-3 dancers

Small Group: 4-9 dancers

Large Group: 10-19 dancers

Line/Production: 20 or more dancers


Solos/Duos/Trios: 2:45 minutes

Small & Large Groups: 3:00 minutes

Lines: 4:00 minutes

Production: 6:00 minutes


Routine music must be brought on a flash drive or sent via email to mitzi@This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each routine must be labeled in the following format

  1. Routine #
  2. Routine Name
  3. Studio Name

 Example:  “0384-Party in the USA-Studio ABC”. 

A studio representative should have a back up of all music with them at the competition.  This back up should be turned in to the sound operator, and is to be picked up immediately following awards.


At IMPACT, we provide judges with various backgrounds in dance. From choreographers, teachers, and working professionals to give positive and insightful critiques. The judges' scores and critiques will be released to the STUDIO DIRECTOR ONLY.

Scoring will be based on the following:

  • Technique 50%
  • Execution and Musicality 25%
  • Choreography and showmanship 15%
  • Overall appearance and general impression 10%


Scoring is based on a total of 300 points.

  • Platinum: 300-285
  • High Gold: 284-276
  • Gold:275-267
  • High Silver: 266-255
  • Silver: 254-240
  • Bronze: 239 points and below. 

Special Awards: IMPACT recognizes dances or studios that stand out by awarding special awards. Our special awards allow us to include judges awards, high point, grand champion and scholarship awards.


The competition schedule will be emailed to each studio owner 7 days prior to the event. Changes will be made to the schedule to help with costume changes ONLY.


Props are allowed for performances but must be free-standing or handheld. Fire, swords, knives, glitter, sand, and confetti will NOT be allowed.